Borgo Roma scaffoldingConstruction activities are in their final stage at the Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento pilot sites.

Currently workers are completing indoor paintworks, the installation of furniture and technical plants. The installation of medical equipment will begin in November. Outdoors the construction works for the collection system of rainwater and wastewater are ongoing.

With regards to the SUCCESS project and the activities of work package 2 (”Quantitative Analysis, Measures and Data collection”), the data collection and activity monitoring have recently been completed.

The draft of best practice has been compiled for work package 6 (“Replicability and Take-up”) and some of the examples used are very practical aspects of the Italian pilot site such as:

  • The use of scaffolding cargo decks in order to provide a faster supply of material when needed during material installing;
  • The exit management with the use of traffic lights to ease the access to a highly congested road.

Moreover, best practices involve management aspects of construction processes such as:

  • The use of BIM;
  • The use of specific software to manage supply processes;
  • Subcontractors waste management in order to have a well organised construction site.

Concerning work package 7 (”Communication and Dissemination”), ITL and CMB are organising a local event in Verona in order to present the project and the Italian pilot site to local stakeholders in the afternoon of Wednesday, 26th of October 2016.