The workshop is part of the project’s International Joint Transfer Exercise which aims to transfer project solutions, best practices, tools, methodologies and lessons learned to a wider audience of stakeholders and especially to public authorities. It is jointly organised with the UrbanWise project.

The SUCCESS project targets the construction industry as one of the largest consumers of urban freight transport. A more innovative approach to construction logistics and supply chain management could help reduce negative impacts and increase productivity and transport efficiency in the sector. SUCCESS is financed by the H2020 programme and part of the CIVITAS Urban Freight Cluster.

UrbanWise is a project at regional level (part of the digital policy of the Walloon Region and Brussels Region), whose aim is the development of a collaborative solution for improving transport and worksite logistics. UrbanWise Construction is proposing a collaborative solution enabling transport and worksite logistics to be improved by better communication between various actors (suppliers, contractors, waste collectors).

The third International Joint Transfer Exercise Workshop will take place on 14 and 15 November 2017 in Brussels and will be jointly organised with the UrbanWise project.

This restricted workshop & joint event with UrbanWise involves selected European cities and regions affected by a sensible urban growth with the objective to discuss solutions and practices in city logistics for the construction sector. It is part of the SUCCESS take-up programme aimed at discussing the applicability of the project results to non-partner cities and regions.

The workshop will give the occasion to each participating city to present the current situation of construction logistics in their territory, gain knowledge of the SUCCESS solutions, discuss with other local stakeholders about the impact of construction logistics on their urban area and learn from the experiences of other EU cities. See the detailed agenda here.

The commitment expected from a city will mainly consist in:

  • Extending the invitation to relevant local stakeholders of the construction supply chain
  • Presenting the state of the art of the local context in terms of city logistics measures that could have impacts on the construction sector

Cities will benefit from the support of the SUCCESS partners to analyse their specific contexts in order to prepare the workshop.

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