20170511_141338On 11 and 12 May 2017, LIST participated in the third PROLOG conference organised by the Business School La Rochelle (France). In a relaxed but focused atmosphere, the conference hosted several presentations, keynotes and round tables with practitioners and researchers from France, Europe and Asia on topics concerning sustainable supply chains, urban logistics, risks and performance, trust in supply chain, etc.

Samuel RENAULT, from the LIST team, presented the SUCCESS project and a part of the As-Is analysis focused on the congestion impacts of the delivery observed during the Work Package 2. In particular, he presented the finding that in the case construction sites make use of time-window delivery planning this does generate congestion due to truck waiting in front of the site. Indeed, it is even the first cause for truck waiting on construction sites that used time-window delivery planning.

The presentation got a warm welcome from the community, highlighting the novelty of the topic of urban construction logistics, the need for further research in the field and the strength of the methodology used in the SUCCESS As-Is analysis. Amongst other recommendations to improve future research in the field, participants suggested to set up traffic counting around the construction sites for future studies so as to confirm the congestion effect.

Contacts were made with researchers interested by SUCCESS topics with a view to future collaborations.

More information (in French) here.

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