Thanks to her experiences in urban freight transport and construction logistics gained through the participation in the SUCCESS project, Cindy Guerlain from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is participating in the evaluation committee of the UrbanWise project today.

The UrbanWise project aims to develop solutions for intelligent urban logistics. The objective is the creation and development of a computer platform connecting all the actors of urban logistics regardless of the type, size or role of the company to optimise the management of urban freight transport. The project is financed by the Walloon region (programme WBMove).

The mission of evaluation of the intermediary report of the UrbanWise project is closely linked to the SUCCESS project because one of the developed modules is linked to the construction sector. The committee will evaluate the scientific quality of the results; verify if the results conform to the named objectives; assess the perspectives of exploitation of the results and suggest recommendations concerning the continuation of the research process.