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About the project

The construction site consists of the transformation and the urbanisation of the Russafa-Malilla park area.

Valencia Central Parque

Transformation of former railway yards in the middle of Valencia

One of the biggest pilot sites that will be analysed in SUCCESS project consists in the urbanization of the first stage of a park located in the city of Valencia named Valencia Parque Central.

The Valencia Parque Central design aims a complete transformation of over 66 hectares of former railway yards in the middle of the city. The old railways line, which will be buried in order to make way for the city’s new enhanced local railway network located underground, would be covered by a new 23 hectare park, this great boulevard will allow the complete integration of the neighbourhoods that were separated by the tracks.

For the purpose of the project SUCCESS, only a part of this wide project will be considered: the park area in Russafa-Malilla that consist in the urbanization of 110,826m2.

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State of activities

Key Facts:

  • 7,772 m² gross floor area of the building.
  • 7,515 m² footprint of the building.
  • 110,578 m² site area.
  • €15.8 million: overall budget.
  • May 2015: start date.
  • May 2017: delivery.

“This is an aerial view of the current Valencia Central Park, which is located in the heart of the city of Valencia and surrounded by the most important districts. (© Valencia Parque Central)"

© Valencia Parque Central

In the heart of a park area undergoing urbanisation, the construction site deals with the transformation of former railway yards and building renovation (© Valencia Parque Central).


The construction site aims to urbanise this area by burying over 66 hectares of old railway lines, creating a new underground railway network and renovating buildings (© Valencia Parque Central).

Interview with Valencian city councillor on the benefits of the SUCCESS project

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