The second International Joint Transfer Exercise Workshop took place on 16 and 17 October 2017 in Koper, Slovenia. Cities from four different countries shared their knowledge on construction logistics and learned about the SUCCESS solutions.

The SUCCESS project targets the construction industry as one of the largest consumers of urban freight transport. A more innovative approach to construction logistics and supply chain management could help reduce negative impacts and increase productivity and transport efficiency in the sector. SUCCESS is financed by the H2020 programme and part of the CIVITAS Urban Freight Cluster.

The take up of the SUCCESS’ solutions on a wider European level will be guaranteed through the project’s Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP). Three workshops in different European areas will address 12 selected non-partner cities affected by a sensible growth in the construction sector as well as their local stakeholders implicated in the construction supply chain.

Cities from four different countries learning about the SUCCESS solutions!

img-20171017-wa0001The workshop gave the occasion to each participating city to present the current situation of construction logistics in their territory. To do so, cities benefitted from the support of the SUCCESS partners to analyse their specific contexts in order to prepare the workshop. Latter allowed the participants to gain knowledge about the SUCCESS solutions, discuss with other local authorities about the impact of construction logistics on their urban area and learn from the experiences of other EU cities.

The cities which participated were: Koper (Slovenia), Rijeka (Croatia), Trieste (Italy) and Durrës (Albania).

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