Exploring sustainable and efficient solutions for urban road freight transport linked to construction sites

The European project SUCCESS – Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction – funded by the Horizon 2020 programme and part of the CIVITAS initiative, aims to explore, find and test green and efficient solutions regarding various issues in Construction Supply Chain and material freight logistics in urban areas.

Enlargement of European cities and urban population growth in recent years require ever more appropriate constructions and infrastructure. However, initiatives to fulfil these needs could be hindered by the cost of freight transport and the numerous negative impacts of urban freight logistics. In this context, the SUCCESS project intends to analyse these problems and find solutions by exploring the impacts of Supply Chain Management and Construction Consolidation Centres (CCCs) to develop business plans focusing on the implementation of a sustainable urban supply chain.

How to find solutions ?

With 11 partners from Spain, France, Italy and Luxembourg, the different solutions will be tested in four pilot sites in the partner countries, Valencia, Paris, Verona and Luxembourg City, with an accurate and precise methodology:

1. Analysing the current situation by collecting information and data on the four pilot sites to detect problems, inefficiencies and potential improvements to the Construction Supply Chain.
2. Offering solutions and optimisation tools for the Construction Supply Chain (e.g. RFID and GIS technologies, e-collaboration tools, process mapping, business models, etc.).
3. Establishing numerical scenarios and simulations with and without CCCs for several cases using the data from the pilot sites (e.g. single / multiple suppliers, single / multiple site, etc.) and assessing potential solutions to be applied.
4. Implementing and testing different scenarios directly on pilot sites.
5. Developing a “Business model” based on construction sites’ results in order to ensure replicability of the solutions developed, especially in other European cities.

SUCCESS’s green outcomes …

The concrete ambitions of the  project are the following:

Reduction in the cost and transit time of construction materials.

• Decrease in the number of journeys and/or the number of kilometres per vehicle in order to reduce the GHG emissions .

•Increase in the number of “fully charged” vehicles, as well as the reliability and the flexibility regarding delivery of supplies to construction sites.

… and Institutional impacts

The final results of the project will have an impact on various institutions:

Public authorities: implementation of new policies, regulations and infrastructure design improvements.
Transport companies: assessment of transportation cost reduction related to the CCCs implementation.
Construction Companies: more accurate ROI estimates, thus facilitating the investment decision-making process.
Research organisations: more precise scientific data on the overall performance of CCCs.

SUCCESS project presentation video

Video: Interviews with SUCCESS partners explaining the project