To facilitate the building of the new tramway line in Florence, a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC) has been successfully implemented. Besides the storage of material, the CCC brought several other important benefits for the management of the building activities. This was also possible thanks to the experiences and knowledge gained through the SUCCESS project.

Cmb is partner of the SUCCESS consortium and the main construction company engaged in building the new tramway line in the heart of the city centre of Florence, a project which aims to reduce the inflow of vehicles in order to decrease pollutant emissions and congestion in the historical city centre. Through its participation in the SUCCESS project, Cmb got the opportunity to exchange with professionals from other countries and gain better understanding of the state of the art of construction logistics thanks to the data collected on several pilot sites and a large research on best practices in the EU and US. In the complex context of Florence, this knowledge helps to tackle several issues normally related to urban construction sites.

Weekly coordination group meetings to insure the implication of all actors

From the beginning of the project, inclusion was one of the key concepts to allow all of the actors concerned to participate in the organisational process of the construction site’s logistics. For this purpose, a coordination group was set up with weekly meetings involving Cmb engineers, the competent offices of the Florence City Council, the Municipal Police, urban and suburban bus companies, the municipal street cleaning company, the association of taxi drivers as well as the president of the urban district in representation of its citizens.

Implementation of a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC)

ccc-via-sesteseFrom the very beginning, it was evident that the main obstacles for the supply were the lack of suitable storage areas as well as the regulations for entrance of heavy transport vehicles into the city centre of Florence. In order to manage the daily delivery of building materials to their final destination areas within the fixed time frames, a CCC was created in Via Sestese, a main thoroughfare for crossing the city centre about four kilometres away from the construction site. Its location was chosen together with the Florence City Council in an area without particular restrictions for heavy vehicles. The City Council granted, with a free loan, a portion of a parking area close to the Company Trafiter Scarl, the cooperative company which won the construction contract (Cmb is their main construction company) and also manages the CCC. All construction materials for the new tramway line transit through the CCC, with the sole exception of concrete.

The methods and possibilities for loading and transporting materials change thanks to this logistics junction. The CCC is mostly supplied by lorries with trailers and articulated trucks with a big capacity, which are more suitable for driving on fast-flowing main roads. However, when they reach their destination, these vehicles need assistance for unloading operations and space for manoeuvres which is often difficult to find at construction sites in urban areas.

typology-of-the-vehicles-that-supply-ccc  handling-ccc  typology-of-the-vehicles-that-supply-ccc-2

The CCC in Florence provides both: lifting vehicles are available to unload the arriving trucks. The material which leaves the CCC to be delivered to the construction site is loaded on smaller trucks or vans which are more suitable for driving in the city traffic and often carry their own cranes in order to be more independent in the unloading operations.

Benefits of the CCC for the construction site management

The choice of introducing a CCC in the management process of supplying this construction site is surely beneficial and necessary. Even if it may seem that it is just a stocking area for materials due to the lack of space at the construction site, it has moreover brought a wide range of important benefits for the management of the building activities such as:

  • Availability of materials at only a few kilometres from the construction site(s);
  • Prompt delivery of the necessary quantities for daily activities;
  • Reduction of delays in the delivery of materials;
  • Easier and more flexible organisation of supplies;
  • Easier management of the stock in the CCC.

SUCCESS in a nutshell

SUCCESS is a European project financed by the H2020 programme, which targets the construction industry as one of the largest consumers of urban freight transport. It aims to make the most of this sector’s enormous potential for improvement by exploring and testing new tools and methods, including the potential creation of Construction Consolidation Centres, in order to provide replicable solutions and improve the use of the existing transport infrastructure and the level of cooperation among the different stakeholders of the construction supply chain.

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