The data collection was stopped in the end of July and after the annual construction holidays in August, September was used to finalise the collection of last data mainly focussing on construction site activities monitoring. Beginning of October was finally the moment to present the first Key Performance Indicators results to the construction site working team.

A first exchange session between the pilot cooDémontage gruerdinator (LIST) and the management staff of Tralux was organised and KPI results were exhaustively presented. It was the opportunity for TRALUX to provide some feedbacks on the data collected. Fruitful exchanges took place and the following non exhaustive topics have emerged:

  • Some potential explanations on the carriers behaviours in terms of deliveries mainly focused on the morning were discussed;
  • Impact of deliveries on the relation with city’s traffic management service and the potential ways of improvement were part of these exchanges as well;
  • Regarding the workforce productivity the figures had interested the construction site management staff. The site supervisor is convinced that these kinds of figures should be a trigger for change.

Secondly this meeting was also the opportunity to start the discussion on the following potential solutions that could improve logistics performance and more precisely on the priorities to be chosen. Some of the improvement possibilities are listed below:

  • Collaboration with suppliers is essential to find win-win solutions; some tools were discussed as for example the charter;
  • A construction site schedule as well as a material replenishment schedule is one important issue that could be improved;
  • Costs of waste management that could be avoided are not clearly the priority considering the economic figures.

Finally, this feedback on a first simple analysis of results was very appreciated by the construction site staff and had generated a desire to go further in the analysis and to pinpoint the best solutions including CCC implementation to improve the construction logistics in order to find win-win solutions for suppliers and cities.

In parallel, the LAppartement terminéuxembourg construction site starts a new operating mode. The first building is now finished and most of the residents have already moved in while work is still in progress in the other buildings and the outdoor layout.

Moreover, the last crane has been removed mid-September at the end ofthe structural work phase. This means that from now on, construction site partners will have to manage their deliveries without any handling tools on site, taking care of not disturbing the residents with inappropriate material storage or deliveries arriving too early.