Luxembourgish Pilot

About the project

The construction site aims to transform an old factory, creating office, residential and commercial buildings.

Neudorf Breweries

Creation of a new and various complex

The Luxembourgish pilot site is located in Neudorf, a district bordering the country’s major business centres.
The construction site aims to create a new complex combining residences, offices and shops by disassembling, rebuilding and expanding former edifices. More specifically, the expansion area will span 11,400 m² and the dismantling zone will cover 30,000 m². Freight transport remains essential for material supplies.

More generally, the surrounding environment is a dynamic area with economic and political activities (commercial centre, banks, corporate headquarters etc.) and significant infrastructures such as highways or main roads with substantial traffic.

Consequently, the building site is located in a highly constrained district with frequent congestion issues, which could disrupt the construction Supply Chain. As a result, the lack of specific locations for loading or unloading trucks requires renting a piece of land.

News & Events

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State of activities

Key Facts:

  • 11,400 m² gross floor area of the building.
  • 3,132 m² footprint of the building.
  • 6,796 m² site area.
  • €20.8 million: overall budget.
  • December 2014: start date.
  • November 2016: delivery.
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This is the Luxembourgish construction site and future complex: Neudorf Breweries. The pilot is located in the district of Neudorf in Luxembourg City and is surrounded by the most important economic and political centres.


The construction site aims to renovate and transform an abandoned industrial site.

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This a virtual representation of the future "Neudorf Breweries", complex which will cover an area of 11,400 m² composed of residential, commercial and office buildings.

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