On september 3rd 2015, the Verona pilot site welcomed the project coordinator organisation LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) staff for the first technical meeting about the SUCCESS PROJECT and WP2 activities.

First of all, a visit of the “Borgo Trento” construction site was organized: the CMB technical staff has exposed the state of works, the various issues about internal and external logistics and the difficulty of finding storage areas for materials that have been dislocated in all the available spaces of pilot.

Classroom activities were then established in order to define most critical aspects about WP2 such as data collection category, data collection method and most relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the pilot.

At the end of the day, the first technical meeting was completed with the positive feeling that Verona pilot site could be a good case study. The building makes, at the present time, rapid progress: demolitions and excavations are completed and concrete structures construction is about 99%.

Moreover, at the same time SUCCESS has got to the core, WP2 activities are progressing and have just produced first draft of task 2.4 about planning of data collection. Most critical aspect was to match the following three factors:

• Kind of goods;
• Timing of data collection;
• Timing of pilot activities.

In accordance with Verona’s pilot site features, we will study the distribution network about the following items:

• Concrete and steel supply;
• Formwork management;
• Internal doors supply;
• External fixtures supply;
• Internal floor and countertop supply.