The construction project « les Brasseries de Neudorf » is one of the four construction site which will be use as pilot site. For SUCCESS project, pilot sites aim at providing real data on material flows and potential financial gains that could be generated through supply chain optimization or implementation of Construction Consolidation Centre.

Since the beginning of the project informal regular meetings and data collection tests have been performed between LIST (pilot leader) and TRALUX (main contractor) through the “detailed pilot site analysis” (task 2.1) and “what and how to collect definition” (task 2.2) in order to:

  • Understand the most critical issues in a logistics perspective
  • Setup the most relevant Key Performance Indicators
  • Identify data to collect regarding SUCCESS objectives.
  • Design the methodologies to collect and consequently the data collection feasibility

Mid of September a technical meeting was held and confirmed that Luxemburgish pilot site features fit with issues that should be tackled by SUCCESS project (lot of space constraints, lot of different supply chain, urban centre location …).

Moreover regarding the project timeline it was the moment to:

  • Fix the list of KPI which will be calculated.
  • Validate that all the required data will be available.
  • Define material that will be part of a deeper analysis of the distribution network (stakeholders, arrangements, costs repartition, …).
  • Propose a first draft of data collection plan corresponding to the pilot site provisional schedule.