dxb34cowkaaiqhzOn 27th February, Bologna hosted the final Italian SUCCESS workshop presenting the most important results and insights from the project. The workshop was organised by the Italian partners of the project: Institute for Transport and Logistics, Region Emilia-Romagna, Cooperativa Braccianti e Muratori and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The workshop attracted over 70 participants, in particular from the technical sector and regional representatives.

SUCCESS addresses the important challenge of CO2-free logistics set by the European Union, developing tools and investigating the topic of construction logistics. During the workshop, the main achievements and results of the project were shared with the participants, highlighting that there are many proven initiatives in the hand of private and public stakeholders that can be used to optimise construction logistics. The workshop focused on the conditions that make construction consolidation centres (CCC) operative and profitable, based on the results of the simulations and quantitative analysis made during the project.

dxsas9uwaae_wrtThe workshop also included presentations from the Italian case studies of the urban consolidation centre in Lucca and the CCC of Firenze. These were important starting points to foster the discussion on their financial sustainability and business models that can support their success. Project partner Valenciaport Foundation expressed the main results from the cost-benefit analysis of SUCCESS, which was of particular relevance to the audience.

“The results of SUCCESS are highly valuable for the Region Emilia-Romagna, because they give insights on the topic of construction logistics that we previously did not have. Municipalities can exploit these findings to optimise public spaces and evaluate specific measure in their plans, such as the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans” has stated Mr. Andrea Normanno (Dept. of Transport and Sustainable Mobility- Region Emilia-Romagna).

You can find here more information on the event (only available in Italian):dxb34coxuaap9tl