Construction activities are currently advancing on schedule on the Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento pilot sites.
Concerning the establishment of these buildings, the construction of all concrete structures and the creation of the building envelope have already been completed.
This progression also includes the implementation of a stone cladding in the buildings’ lower parts and a glass curtain wall in the upper ones. Moreover, the floors’ construction, the laying-up of ceramic tiles and the realisation of technological plants are still running.

Regarding the WP2 activities of the SUCCESS project, some activities are currently progressing:

– The concrete material was delivered in November 2015;
– The delivery tracking of glasses – mainly used for the curtainwalls- was realised in January 2016.
– The delivery tracking of ceramic tiles was in progress in February 2016.
– False ceiling delivery tracking will start this month.

This delivery tracking method and the data collection process are divided into three main steps:

1. Truck drivers interviews at the entrance of the pilot site:

– Truck characteristics;
– Trip characteristics.

2. Logistics managers interviews at the storage areas:

– Kind of goods;
– Type of packaging;
– Number of items;
– Handling equipment;
– Number of people;
– Starting/ending time of loading.

3. Delivery note checking:

– Materials’ name;
– Materials’ weight;
– Materials’ technical characteristics (DoP – Declaration of performances).

According to the construction process, all information goes to the site supervisor for final check and collection.