Explore, find and test efficient solutions regarding various issues in the Construction Supply Chain and material freight logistics in urban areas.

How can we ensure that our results will be used after the official project lifespan?

The project investigates how the supply chain management and Construction Consolidation Centres (CCCs) concepts could bring about tested and replicable solutions (adequate collaborative framework, sustainable business models, etc.) to address problems in the construction supply chains (taking into account distribution networks, logistics on the construction sites and reverse logistics) and to reduce costs and negative impacts of freight distribution in urban areas.

In this context we will test different solutions with simulations based on data collected on four pilot construction sites which are located in Luxembourg City, Paris, Valencia and Verona.

The SUCCESS project aims at guaranteeing the take up of these results through a Europe-wide Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP).

The aim of the ETP is to transfer the SUCCESS Unique Selling Points, in terms of project solutions, best practices, tools, methodologies and lessons learned that can improve the construction logistics. The ETP will involve persons from 12 non-partner cities, affected by a sensible growth in the construction sector, as well as their local stakeholders implicated in the construction supply chain.

These persons will be invited to attend a “Transnational Joint Transfer Exerciseworkshop where they will gain knowledge of the SUCCESS solutions and have the occasion to discuss with other local stakeholders about the impact of construction logistics on their urban area.

Three different workshops will be organised, the first one is foreseen to take place in September 2017 and will aim to transfer the most concrete and suitable SUCCESS results according to each city’s needs and objectives. The workshop will give the occasion to each city to present the current situation of construction logistics in their territory and to learn from the experience of other EU cities.

Finally, a major event will be organised in Brussels in cooperation with the European network “Open ENLoCC”, to award the most innovative city on construction logistics policies, chosen among the 12 cities involved in the Transnational Joint Transfer Exercise.


  • First transnational workshop: 20-21 September 2017 in Bologna, Itlay.


  • Second transnational workshop: 16-17 October 2017 in Koper, Slovenia (two half days).
  • Third transnational workshop: 14-15 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium (1,5 days). Jointly organised with the UrbanWise project.

Useful information

Travel and accommodation costs for the workshop and the final event will be covered by the SUCCESS project.

The commitment expected from a city will mainly consist in:

  • Extending the invitation to relevant local stakeholders of the construction supply chain
  • Presenting the state of the art of the local context in terms of city logistics measures that could have impacts on the construction sector

Cities will benefit from the support of the SUCCESS partners to analyse their specific contexts in order to prepare the workshop.

Cities interested to apply are invited to contact us!

Anna Giarandoni