In the beginning of December 2015, data collection period had just started and it was the moment to finalise or customize the last data collection tools and methods in order to face the difficulties encountered when collecting the first set of data and to be the most effective for the rest of the data collection period.

An exchange session between the bothPost on data collection 2 - pilot of Luxembourg operational team in charge of the data collection was organized. It was the opportunity for TRALUX to welcome the BATEG team responsible of the French Pilot in Luxemburg to visit the construction site “Les Brasseries de Neudorf”. BATEG is one of the major branches of Vinci Construction France who is in charge of the construction project selected for SUCCESS.

Fruitful exchanges took place on several issues that were common for the two construction sites:

  • How to ensure quality of data when asking some information to the truck driver?
  • How to follow logistic impact on workforce productivity?
  • Which kind of monitoring and which material should be more interesting to follow?

Indeed these kinds of exchanges could bring more efficiency in construction logistic management and at the end improve city logistic. It was also the opportunity to discuss the following important issues:

  • Material reception management (Crane availability, Unloading area capabilities …),
  • Schedule and optimisation of the use of the crane,
  • Material inventory management (Dynamic inventory of available surface, Material identification …),
  • Communication with subcontractors and suppliers on delivery dates, daily material requirements …