Civitas & SUCCESS

CIVITAS is an initiative funded by the European Commission which mostly promotes innovative policies and technologies in order to encourage a sustainable mobility in urban areas.

The SUCCESS project is one of the ten new Horizon 2020 projects and was chosen by CIVITAS in order to integrate the network in spring 2015.

This association creates the opportunity to stimulate multilateral exchanges between the CIVITAS community of urban mobility practitioners and the new and different scientific projects dealing with key urban mobility challenges (e.g. congestion, urban freight, public transport) such as SUCCESS.

The goal of this enhanced cooperation in the longer term is to bring urban policymakers and practitioners, civil society organisations, academic and private research, as well as industry closer together in order to accelerate innovation in urban transport in Europe.

CIVITAS Forum Conferences 2015 and 2016

SUCCESS was present at the exhibition stands of the CIVITAS Urban Freight Cluster at the CIVITAS Forum Conferences 2015 and 2016 which took place in Ljubljana (6 to 9 October 2015) and in Gdynia (28 to 30 September 2016).

Six SUCCESS partners will participate in the CIVITAS Forum 2017. For more information, click here.

Civitas Urban Freight Cluster

SUCCESS is part of the CIVITAS Urban Freight Cluster together with the CITYLAB, NOVELOG and U-TURN projects.

Novelog project

  • The SUCCESS project partcipated in the workshop “Understanding Urban Freight Transport” organised by the NOVELOG project in Bologna on 14th April 2016.

Citylab project

  • The SUCCESS and CITYLAB projects joined together to organise a symposium on Innovative Urban Freight Management Systems on 26th May 2016 with the objective of discussing examples of innovative urban developments. Read more.

U Turn project