Success Pilots


News from the pilot site in Luxembourg

The data collection was stopped in the end of July and after the annual construction holidays in August, September was used to finalise the collection of last data mainly focussing on construction site activities monitoring. […]

News from the French Pilot “Îlot Fontenoy-Ségur”

The first part Fontenoy has been delivered to customers in June 2016. The works are continuing on the second part, Segur, for which the delivery is planned in August 2017.

The data collection on site has […]

Verona pilot site – State of activity September 2016

Construction activities are in their final stage at the Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento pilot sites.

Currently workers are completing indoor paintworks, the installation of furniture and technical plants. The installation of medical equipment will begin […]

Works in Valencia – status September 2016

During 2016, the construction works in the pilot site of Valencia have faced some important issues, such as the polluted soil that appeared due to the old railway activity in the area. The presence of […]

Data collection on the Valencian Pilot

The SUCCESS project follows its roadmap and the different construction sites at the four cities assessed have been working on the data collection since December 2015. The previous works carried out allowed the different pilot […]

Evolution and data collection in Borgo Trento & Borgo Roma pilot sites

Construction activities are currently advancing on schedule on the Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento pilot sites.
Concerning the establishment of these buildings, the construction of all concrete structures and the creation of the building envelope have […]

New data collection in Paris

Since the beginning of December, the data collection is running on the French site. After a period of tests and adjustments, data collection is progressing well in Paris thanks to a specific methodology put in […]

Data collection on the Luxembourgish Pilot

In the beginning of December 2015, data collection period had just started and it was the moment to finalise or customize the last data collection tools and methods in order to face the difficulties encountered […]

SUCCESS Technical Meeting in Paris

In the beginning of September, VINCI Construction France together with its subsidiaries BATEG and CBC welcomed partners from LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) for a first technical meeting.This day was the opportunity to […]

SUCCESS Technical Meeting in Luxembourg

The construction project « les Brasseries de Neudorf » is one of the four construction site which will be use as pilot site. For SUCCESS project, pilot sites aim at providing real data on material flows and […]